Zero Balance Account with Debit Card The Jupiter savings bank account and VISA debit card are provided through and in partnership with an RBI-licensed bank


Master your money

  • Get real-time spend breakdowns with Insights.
  • Put your savings on auto-pilot in Pots.
  • Watch your wealth grow on Networth.
  • Track your mutual funds with Portfolio Analyser.
Jupiter: Banking, Card & UPI - Apps on Google Play

Your smart account is backed by

Max trust

Max Trust

We host your account in an RBI-licensed bankFederal Bank

Max security

Max Security

Which means bank-grade security and ISO and PCI compliant

GMS Certificate
Max safety

Max Safety

Your money is insured up to ₹5,00,000

Zero balance account with no hidden fees

Say ? goodbye to hidden fees and sneaky bank charges. No minimum balance. Withdraw from any ATM ? Transparency in fees

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