City Gas Distribution

BGRL-BPCL City Gas Distribution(CGD) Coming Soon Our City.

City gas Distribution A typical city gas distribution project consists of the following segments which it caters to: domestic household use; commercial use in hotels, hospitals, restaurant and offices; transport sector use in three wheelers, buses, trucks and cars.

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The agreed terms and conditions between the Bharat Gas Resources Limited (herein after referred to as “Supplier”) and The applicant named in the registration form (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) for the supply of Piped Natural Gas (herein after referred to as ‘PNG’) are stated below: 1. The Customer agrees to purchase PNG to be supplied by the Supplier upto and at one identified place in the said premises which is located at address stated in the registration form. 2. After receipt of the duly completed registration form together with the required interest free refundable security deposit, the supplier shall commence to take steps to provide the PNG connection to the Customer. Upon the realization of the registration charges, the Customer shall have precedence over commencement of supply of PNG as and when the Supplier starts its supply in Customer’s locality / society. 3. Customer shall make use of the PNG for his own Domestic use only and shall not re-supply to any other person, place or, premises under any circumstances. In case it is found that the domestic gas is being used for commercial / other purpose, BGRL reserves the right to take differential amount from the Customer from the time this usage first started. In case the Customer refuses to pay, BGRL reserves the right to disconnect the connection of such Customers. The rights under this contract are not transferable or assignable. The right to supply PNG to any person claiming under or on behalf of the Customer shall be exclusively with the Supplier and on such terms and conditions as it deems fit. In case of death or insanity of the Customer his legal heir/ guardian may be substituted for himself at the option of the Supplier. BGRL reserves the right to introduce slab base domestic gas pricing and shall revise it from time to time. 4. All piped work fittings, meter and other materials used for the purpose of supply of PNG upto and including the appliance valve shall be provided on its own by the Suppliers and shall remain the property of the Supplier and the Customer shall remain the custodian of such properties. The Customer shall have no claim or ownership right in or right to use the property or the infrastructure of the Supplier and Customer cannot subject the property to any lien or mortgage or change or attachment. The Supplier shall be entitled to use its property to supply PNG to more than one Customer. The manner and mode of Supply of PNG is at absolute discretion of the Supplier. 5. Other appliances like gas geyser, gas burner, Suraksha pipe etc being the responsibility of the Customer, the Supplier recommends that the same should be of ISI mark and of a good quality. Supplier shall not be responsible in case of any incident or mishap that may occur due to usage of sub-standard appliances. 6. Customer will not himself interfere or permit interference with such property by persons other than the authorized representatives of the Supplier. Such authorized representatives will have access to the Customer’s premises to perform jobs like meter reading, maintenance, inspection, checks etc. as and when required. A penalty of Rs. —–/- shall be imposed for breach of these conditions. 7. The Supplier reserves the right to accept or reject this application for registration or withdraw the supply of PNG to the Customer at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. 8. The Supplier shall refund the amount of refundable interest free security deposit, if any paid by Customer in case of refusal or cancellation of registration. In all such cases the decision of supplier shall be final. Refund will be made only through cheque in favour of Customer or any other person as designated by Customer in writing. 9. The Supplier shall take all reasonable steps to provide the Customer with PNG of consistent and satisfactory standard. However the Supplier shall not be responsible for any delay, loss, cost or inconvenience arising due to any reason beyond the control of the Supplier or for suspension of supply for maintenance or repairs etc. If the supplier feels that due to technical reasons, it will not be in a position to provide connection/ alteration, the supplier reserves the right to refund the charges without interest to the Customer who will have to accept it. 10. The Customer shall pay the price of PNG consumed at the rates decided by the Supplier at the time of billing. The rates decided shall also depend upon the category and area of the Customer and shall be varied/ revised at Supplier’s sole discretion at any time without prior notice to the Customer. 11. Single domestic PNG connection means providing PNG for use in one Kitchen per premises. Two separate Kitchens on same/different floors in the premise shall be treated two PNG connections and separate meter shall be installed. Each meter shall be treated as a separate PNG connection. Extension from one floor to another shall be treated as new connection. 12. The Customer shall pay annual admin / maintenance/contract renewal charges and any other charges as may be decided by the Supplier from time to time. 13. If any stamp duty is payable under relevant statute, it will be borne by the Customer. 14. The bi-monthly (every two month) bill shall be raised on the basis of actual consumption of PNG as recorded through the meter and shall include other charges recoverable by the Supplier along with all the applicable tax, duty, cess or any other charges. All the tax, duty, cess and such other charges for all the payments made under this contract are to be borne by the Customer and he also undertakes to reimburse the Supplier all such amounts which may be demanded or levied in future by any authority from or on the Supplier and such amount has not been collected by the Supplier from the Customer. If the actual meter reading is not possible as the Customer’s premise is found locked /inaccessible at the time when Supplier has arranged for meter reading or for any other reason, the bi-monthly bill shall be raised on the basis of minimum bill value. Supplier shall provide bill copy through hard copy/SMS, Customer shall have to make payment against receipt of any of the two. 15. Non receipt of invoice shall not be sufficient ground for non-payment of outstanding amount. In case Customer doesn’t receive the invoice he/she is under obligation to obtain a duplicate copy of the same from supplier. The Customer shall pay to the supplier late payment charges prevailing that time on all the delayed payments from the due date until payment and/or realization. 16. Customer shall make payment in full of the bill raised by the Supplier before the due date specified in the bill. Any default in the payment of bill will attract penalty and compensation for late payment mentioned in the bill. Advance amount paid is interest free. 17. PNG supply will be discontinued without any notice if more than two bills remain outstanding. Supply shall be resumed, if any and at the sole discretion of the company, only after clearance of all the outstanding dues with applicable interest and penalty. PNG supply shall also be discontinued on breach of any of the terms and conditions of this contract or any loss/ damage to the property of the Supplier by the Customer and the resumption of supply shall be at the sole discretion of the Supplier and on such terms and conditions as it deems fit. In all cases of resumption of supply after discontinuation, a sum of Rs. 250 + applicable taxes will be charged. In case of repeated defaults Customer’s PNG supply shall be discontinued on permanent basis and interest, free – refundable security deposit will be forfeited. The Customer in such a case shall not be liable to get a new PNG connection anywhere in the areas of operation of the Supplier. 18. The Customer declares that it has taken and shall abide by all the necessary permissions, clearances, consent or no objection from and abide by all rules and regulations framed by all concerned persons and authorities and is legally entitled to receive the supply of PNG at the said premises and shall use the PNG only for legal and lawful purposes. Consent from owner is specifically needed if premise is given on rent. If the Supplier gives connection at a premise which has been given by the Customer on rent, the ultimate responsibility of clearing the dues, if any, of the tenant, shall still rest with the Customer, even though he/she may not be actually staying there. 19. The Supplier reserves the right to amend/modify any or all of the terms and conditions without prior notice to the Customer. 20. The Supplier reserves the right to assign or transfer all or any of its rights and obligations to any other body corporate by giving public or individual notice to Customer. 21. The Supplier shall also be entitled to frame, modify and revise the general conditions of supply, applicable to all the domestic Customers. Such general condition framed and revised from time-to-time shall be binding on the Customer and shall be deemed to be part and parcel of this contract. These general conditions shall be intimated to the Customer through a public notice. In case of any inconsistency, these general conditions shall prevail over the terms and conditions stated herein. 22. This contract shall be deemed to be binding on all the members staying along with the Customer in the said premises and to his/her legal heir or guardian and they shall be liable jointly and severally for breach of any terms and condition of this contract as if they were Customer themselves under this contract. 23. The tenure of this contract shall be one year from the date of commencement of supply stated in the bill or debit note and shall be renewed for a further periods of one year each at the option of the Supplier, on the Supplier demanding the annual contract renewal charges from the Customer. Without prejudice to other rights of the Supplier in law or under this contract or otherwise, the Supplier may at any time, immediately and without notice terminate the PNG supply of the Customer and determine the contract, if: I) his supply is permanently discontinued or ii) Customer fails to pay the Supplier any sum due to the Supplier under these Terms and Conditions continue for two billing cycle. iii) the Customer fails to comply with any of its obligations and/ or commits any breach of the covenants or conditions on his part to be observed, performed or fulfilled; or iv) the Customer dies and his legal heir do not submit to the Supplier the necessary documents as required by the Supplier on happening of such an event, or becomes insane or insolvent; or v) the particulars as furnished by the Customer in the registration form are found to be false or incorrect; or vi) the PNG is not consumed by the Customer, without permission of Supplier, for a continuous period of 26 weeks; or vii) the Customer tampers/ modifies / alters Supplier’s property including meter; or viii) the yearly contract renewal charges are not paid for two billing cycle; or ix) this application is not accepted or supply of PNG is withdrawn permanently 22. Customer may at any time, by written notice of one month to the Supplier request termination of PNG supply. If the banking instrument issued by the Customer gets dishonoured for any reason, administrative charges of Rs. 250/ -+ applicable taxes shall be levied and recovered from the Customer in addition to interest, if any, without prejudice to the right of the supplier to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against the Customer for the said dishonour of banking instrument. 23. Despite termination under any of the circumstances, the amount due from the Customer shall be recoverable as land revenue. 24. The Customer shall ensure access to the meter reader, other Bharat Gas Resources Limited authorized personnel for periodical meter readings and maintenance checks etc. 25. Under this contract words importing the masculine gender shall, where the context so admits, include the feminine gender and neutral gender. Words importing the singular number shall where the context so admits, include the plural number.. 26. Unless otherwise specified, any dispute or difference whatsoever arising out of this contract shall be determined by process of Arbitration. The Seller shall nominate a Sole Arbitrator as per the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and the rules made thereunder, and any statutory modifications thereof from time to time, shall be deemed to be formed part of this contact. The venue of Arbitration shall be Delhi and the courts of Delhi would only have the exclusive jurisdiction in case of an application or appeal to be preferred under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. 27. The minimum usage for two months shall be Rs. 200/-. Customer is to abide to this rules and supplier is free to change the decision time to time as and when required. 28. All above ground pipeline shall be exposed and they will all be painted with “GOLDEN YELLOW” colour. Customer will not tamper or change the colour of pipe. 29. For any extension / modification / relocation / alteration of the pipeline / meter / regulator or any part of connection. Customer shall request supplier in the format prescribed by supplier. Customers shall have to pay the non-refundable charges to the suppliers as determined by supplier. Supplier upon receiving such request shall promptly carry out the requested modification. In no case, the Customer shall have any right to modify / alter the connection by himself. If it is found that, the connection has been modified / altered / tampered in part or whole by the Customer, Supplier at its sole discretion, may discontinue the supply of PNG / may levy penalty / may forfeit the security deposit. Supplier’s decision in such matters shall be final. Such an act may also invite punitive action as prescribed under the rule of the land since this involves public safety. 30. In case of any dispute, the Customer shall pay the invoice amount in total by the due date and then lodge a complaint with the supplier. All complaints shall be dealt with in stipulated time frame & if the claims made by the Customer are found to be correct, same shall be adjusted in the next invoice by the Supplier. However if the Customer finds any error in meter reading he has to inform the Supplier before making any payment in full against that bill. No complaints will be accepted against bill once paid for wrong meter reading. 31. In the event of termination of PNG supply / connection, supplier shall at the cost of Customer, remove all the pipelines, installations and equipment installed by it for the supply of PNG including extra pipe. Customer shall be liable to pay all the amounts due and payable up to the date of termination of PNG supply / connection to supplier. After all dues are cleared and the meter and allied equipment have been removed in proper and undamaged working condition, the security deposit shall be refunded. 32. The transfer of PNG connection from one name to another name is subject to submission of necessary documents, as may be required by supplier and will be effective only upon full satisfaction by supplier. 33. The Customer shall be liable for any loss or damage, caused to pipes, equipment, meter or installations whether caused on account of negligence by Customers or its associates or agents, theft, sabotage or otherwise howsoever. 34. In case of any discrepancy or disagreement with vendor / contractor or plumber Customer are required to contact the supplier’s Customer Care Centre office. The supplier shall not be responsible for any direct dealings involving cash/other instruments that Customer may have had with any Person/Vendor/Contractor or plumber. 35. The supplier is not responsible for any money transaction done by the Customer with any worker/ or any other person without the consent of the supplier’s Customer Care Centre. It will be the responsibility of the Customer to collect payment receipt before leaving the CCC. 36. Supplier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, charges or expenses whatsoever that may be caused to or occasioned by Customer or another person on account of failure to perform or for the delay in performing any provisions the terms & condition mentioned herein if the same is caused or result due to Force Majeure events such as act of God, war, revolt, fire, tempest, flood, earthquake, lightning, direct or indirect consequences, acts of terrorism, commotion, municipal, breakage, bursting or freezing of pipeline or occurrence of any event beyond the control of the supplier. Provided further that the supplier shall not be responsible and/ or liable for any losses direct or consequential caused to the Customer if the same is caused due to the reasons stated herein above. 37. The Supplier will carry out a technical survey of Customer’s premises and shall determine the location and manner of laying pipeline and installation of meter and other equipments for supply of PNG. The installation activity shall be carried out by the supplier/its authorized vendor or contractor .The Customer agrees to provide all the space, passage etc. to enable the Supplier to fit the pipes and other fittings. In case of any trenches dug, holes are cut in the wall, floor and other similar work, their reinstatement will be the sole responsibility of the Customer. Making hole in the RCC/stone/tiles fitted inside the kitchen/bathroom or in the route of the PNG pipeline shall be done by the Customer. If the Customer requires the supply of PNG at any other place than he shall apply a fresh application for it and the Supplier may provide the supply of PNG and on such terms and Conditions as it deems fit. 38. It shall be the duty of Customer to point out the Supplier immediately any defects or leakage in PNG supply. The Customer shall be deemed to be in exclusive possession and control of the PNG once PNG enters the boundary of the premises of the Customer and thereupon the Customer shall be solely liable for any leakage or for any damage caused to any person or property as a result thereof. Any amount payable due to Leakage in rubber hose or home appliances, if any are non-refundable and responsibility of the Customer. Notwithstanding discontinuation of supply, the Customer shall indemnify the Supplier against all losses, damages, actions or claims that may be suffered or incurred by the Supplier due to any reason attributable to the Customer. 39. Any installation/equipment installed after gas tap shall be sole responsibility of the Customer/resident(s). BGRL may provide service for the installation(s) installed till gas tap, but the cost of any material(s)/equipment(s) replaced in the installation, if any, shall be borne by the Customer. 40. All information provided by a Customer, including contact details, will be used by BGRL to communicate with the Customer. All/part information furnished by Customer may be disclosed as required by the law and government policies/requirements. It will be the responsibility of Customer to get his mobile/phone no. updated in BGRL’s record. 41. All rules, regulations and charges mentioned above are subject to change in future solely at Supplier’s discretion. DECLARATION I confirm that I. am authorized to make this application to Bharat Gas Resources Limited. for supply of piped natural gas. I do hereby declare that I have, read and understood the above mentioned terms and conditions including the charges and rates stated therein and state that they are reasonable and I hereby accept the same in its entirety irrevocably and unconditionally and accordingly put and subscribe my hand to those terms and conditions.

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