Atul Auto


Trailblazing for over 30 years

Sometimes all it takes is a dream. A dream that is fuelled by innovation, a dream that creates change. A dream that turns possibilities into realities; and realities into defining moments. Defining moments that redefine an Era!

No matter how tough the load or how tough the terrain – ATUL is tougher –ATUL is a Trailblazer!

Our vehicles are amongst the sturdies, most reliable and low cost three wheelers on Global roads. ATUL vehicles are redefining the three wheeler industry. Over more than 1 million ATUL vehicles ply on Global roads, since the first rolled out in 1970s.

Gem Cargo CNG


ATUL is moving to plug the inter-city (hubs) transportation needs with three-wheelers which fulfils the need for last mile connectivity in goods transport. Every ATUL cargo vehicle has world class features that will help you conquer any competition in the roughest of business environments. A powerful engine, sturdy built, easy manoeuvrability and a great mileage ensure that when you own an ATUL Auto, you own the power to shape your destiny. This range is available across the fuel range – Diesel, Petrol, CNG, LPG and Electric

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