Online ticket booking Cuttack Barabati Stadium of India vs SA direct link here

The match between India vs South Africa to be played in Barabati Stadium on 12 June 2022. The booking of the match tickets to be open from 1 June 2022. The tickets should be available online and offline. Looking at the availability of tickets of recent matches, PayTM will sell the tickets. India England match online tickets were available.

Online tickets need to redeemed at Cambridge School & Christ Collegiate School. Both the locations will have 3 counters and tickets can be redeemed from 9 to 11 June from 7 AM to 4 PM and on 12 June 2022 ticket can be redeemed from 7 AM to 3 P

Stand NameTicket Price
Gallery No 2700 INR
Gallery No 4700 INR
Gallery No 1900 INR
Gallery No 3900 INR
Gallery No 5900 INR
Special Enclosure5000 INR
AC Box7000 INR
New Pavilion8000 INR
Corporate Box12000 INR

Barabati Stadium Entry Gates and Stands Details

The Below is the entry gates which are used for entry in the specific stands. 14 entry gates which are used for entry to different stands, pavilions, box, etc.

Barabati Stadium Entry Gates and Stands
Barabati Cricket Stadium Layout

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