In-Flight Packs

In-Flight Connectivity Packs

Jio’s In-Flight plans let users access the internet during a flight

In-Flight ServiceSee other T&C 

Terms and Conditions for the In-Flight aircraft roaming service pack (“Service”)

  • Jio Infocomm Limited( “RJIL”) is offering InFlight packs details available at https://www.jio.com/jio-international-roaming-postpaid-plans
  • The IFC Packs are available on a per SIM card, per day, per Applicable aircraft roaming network basis and can be used to send/receive emails, text or browse the internet while in-flight. The entitlements under the IFC packs can be used only during the flight, as permitted by the Airlines and the Pilot in command.
  • For the purpose of these packs, a day means 24 hours with effect from the first usage at the aircraft roaming network included in the Service. For the supported airlines, please refer below table for Partner Airlines communication service.
  • IFC packs are prepaid packs and are also available to postpaid subscribers on Pre-on Post basis.
  • By subscribing IFC packs, you understand and agree that you may only use this service via the Applicable Roaming Operator-AeroMobile on the selected Applicable Aircraft Roaming Networks as set out above or please refer below table for Partner Airlines communication service from time to time.
  • The details of available services on IFC packs in respective Airlines is specified on www.jio.com/, please note that the type of services available in particular Airline depends on the permission of the Airline pilot and as per the details specified.
  • Please also note that the IFC packs cannot be availed when the plane is taking-off or landing. You are requested to use these services only after the cabin crew announces that mobile phones can be used. Please do not switch on your phones prior to that, your phones will be automatically logged-on the available aircraft roaming network-AeroMobile at 20,000 feet above the ground.
  • The aircraft roaming networks support 3G (AeroMobile). The data speed under IFC packs may vary depending on different devices and the air travel regulations. You are advised to disable any automatic software updates on smartphones, tablets or laptops as these updates may take up a large bandwidth of your connection, hence slowing down data roaming speed. You are also advised not to make phone call in-flight as this may disturb other passengers. Please be considerate if you have to make / receive a call.
  • If you are taking more than one flights and the flights are supported by the SAME aircraft roaming network within the Day Pass (24 hours upon usage), ONE Day Pass will be charged. If you are taking more than one flight and the flights are supported by the Different aircraft roaming networks within a Day Pass (24 hours upon usage), TWO Day Passes will be charged. So on and so forth.
  • Please note Incoming voice calls are not included in the In-Flight communication services. You will not be able to receive any call in the flight. You can use other communication services, make outgoing voice call, send SMS and use mobile data from the pack entitlement, as is allowed by the aircraft pilot in command.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the entitlements of IFC packs cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion. Further these entitlements are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products/services.
  • RJIL reserves the right to change the Service and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subject to RJIL final decision.
  • The Service is subject to the terms and conditions of RJIL Customer Application Form, Mobile Service Agreement and the terms and conditions of any third-party suppliers involved in the provision of service.
  • List of Airlines and In-Flight communication services available:

    RJIL IFC packs can be used in the following list of flights. Voice data and SMS service availability will differ from airline to airline, please check the detail before opting the pack. In-Flight communication services are made available basis permission of the pilot in command of the aircraft. It is possible that due to some concern pilot in command may not permit all In-Flight services or some services like Voice services, for limited time period during the flight as per his/her discretion.

    All services = Voice, SMS and Data
#Partner AirlinesAirports ServedServices Enabled
1Aer LingusScheduled transatlantic routes between Ireland and Orlando, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Newark, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, New York and Toronto.Data and SMS
2Air SerbiaAeroMobile services are available on flights from Air Serbia’s Belgrade hub to New YorkAll Services
3AlitaliaNew Delhi AeroMobile services are available on international flights, to destinations including New York, Miami and South America from Alitalia’s hub airports Milan and RomeAll Services
4Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines’ inflight mobile phone network is available on flights from its Seoul hub to China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and the United States.SMS and Voice
No Data
5Biman Bangladesh AirlinesNew Delhi; West Bengal AeroMobile services on selected flights to global destinations from its Dhaka hubAll Services
6Cathay PacificConnected flights will depart from Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong hub to destinations including Bangkok, Singapore, Osaka and other long-haul destinations.Data and SMS
7Egypt AirNew Delhi EgyptAir offer AeroMobile services on selected flights to Europe , USA, Canada, South Africa and Asia.All Services
8EmiratesNew Delhi; Bangalore; Chennai; Mumbai and more AeroMobile is available on over 300 flights every day, to and from Dubai.All Services
9Etihad AirwaysNew Delhi; Bangalore; Chennai; Mumbai and more AeroMobile services are available on flights to and from Abu Dhabi. The services are subject to airline scheduling, and cannot be guaranteed, please check onboard announcements for connectivity options on your flight.All Services
10Euro wings Connected flights will depart from EuroWing’s German hub in Cologne, travelling to destinations including Cuba, Phuket, Dubai and Barbados.All Services
11EVA AirAeroMobile services are available on flights to and from Taipei, New York, Los Angeles and Vietnam. Data and SMS
12Kuwait AirwaysNew Delhi; Mumbai The service is available on flights from Kuwait International Airport to various long-haul destinations.All Services
13LufthansaNew Delhi; Bangalore; Chennai; Mumbai Lufthansa serve routes worldwide from their Munich and Frankfurt hubs.Data and SMS
14Malaysia AirlinesMumbai Malaysia Airlines operate its connected A350 aircraft on flights to and from London Heathrow, Japan (Narita International Airport) and Hong Kong from their hub in Kuala Lumpur.All Services
15Malindo AirNew Delhi; Bangalore; Chennai; Mumbai and more AeroMobile services are available on flights to and from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.All Services
16SAS Scandinavian Airlines SAS operate connectivity services on domestic Scandinavian routes and long haul flights to USA, Hong Kong, China and JapanAll Services
17Singapore AirlinesNew Delhi; Mumbai AeroMobile services are available on routes to and from Singapore including London Heathrow, Hong Kong, Australia and TokyoData and SMS
18SWISSSwiss operate connectivity services on domestic Scandinavian routes and long haul flights to USA, Hong Kong, China and JapanAll Services
19TAP Air PortugalScheduled routes to South and Central America including; Brazil, El Salvador and Mexico.Data and SMS
20Turkish AirlinesNew Delhi; Mumbai; Chennai The service is available on flights from Turkish Airlines Istanbul hub to various long-haul destinations.Data and SMS
21Uzbekistan AirwaysUzbekistan Airways offer AeroMobile services on selected flights to destinations including Europe, Asia and USAAll Services
22Virgin AtlanticNew Delhi The service is available on selected flights from Manchester and London Heathrow

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